About us
La Rosa Bakery was founded in 1968 by the Mayoral brothers.These five brothers emigrated from  Cuba to Miami, FL in the early 1960’s with well-trained knowledge that their father, “El Viejo Rogelio Mayoral”, taught them.The sacrifices and the long nights of hard work with his sons paid off and paved the way to opening La Rosa Bakery.

Today, La Rosa Bakery continues to bake using the same recipes the Mayoral brother’s great grandfather used more than 100 years ago, and has become one of the finest, most recognized bakery in the entire nation. La Rosa Bakery has become a place where families gather. Old generations have made it a tradition to introduce their new generations to La Rosa Bakery and have made us a part of their own family. At La Rosa Bakery, the younger generations are able to experience the same family ambiance their grandparents and parents once did and continue to do. Together they reminisce on the delicious Cuban bread, pastries, and cakes that they enjoyed over 45 years ago.  

Party Specials
• 20 Ham Spread Bread Rolls

• 25 Cheese or Meat Pastries

• 25 Ham Croquettes

• 50 Ham Spread Bread Rolls

• 50 Cheese or Meat Pastries

• 50 Ham Croquettes

• 100 Ham Spread Bread Roll

• 100 Cheese or Meat Pastries

• 100 Ham Croquettes


12 Persons


25 Persons


50 Persons


 *Prices displayed are for the merengue cakes pictured above only.

Party Platter List Specials

Our Incredible Cakes

Chocolate Cake

Happy Cake Caramel

Happy Cake Chocolate

Cappuchino Cake


Merengue Cake


Strawberry Filling with Whipped Cream


Fruit Cake


Merengue Cake

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Pastries / Desserts

Guava Pastry


Coconut Pastry


Guava Empanada


Meat, Ham, & Cheese Pastry




Bread Pudding


Chocolate Napoleon


Caramel Napoleon

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  • Miami’s Top Spots For PastelitosCBS Miami
  • CubanTimes by Giselle Balido- was published in the book.
  • Arroz Con Mango (2002)- Movie was filmed at the bakery.
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